Mayumi Dark Nipples Lightener

Dark Nipples

Dark Nipples are usually natural and hereditary, but there are several other factors that can also make your nipples darker such as: pregnancy and nursing, age, and menstrual period. If you’re pregnant or nursing, just wait for 6-12 months and see if your nipples will return to normal. Age also plays a factor on the darkening of your nipples. When you were younger, your nipples were so much lighter than when you reached puberty. This is in response to hormonal changes your body goes through as you grow older.

What Makes the Nipples Dark?

There are two factors that make-up the color of your nipples:

1. Eumelanin – the brown pigment
2. Pheomelanin – the red pigment

The distribution of amount of these two pigments, Eumelanin and Pheomelanin, determines the color of the areola. For Caucasians, the color of the nipples are usually pink to red. For Southeast Asians it’s usually dark brown. While for Africans it’s usually nearly black.

How to Lighten Dark Nipples

The process of lightening your dark nipples is different from lightening other intimate areas of your body such as the anus and the genitals. Lightening your nipples need special care because you’re treating the areola, or the pigmented area on the breast. When you look at it closer, there are small openings referred to as sebaceous glands, which provides lubrication to protect the area when lactating. It’s a very delicate area and you can’t just use any kind of skin whitening product to lighten your nipples. Mayumi Dark Nipple Cream is safe and effective in lightening and making your nipples pink.

Dark Nipples Lightening

Nipples are very sensitive and should be treated delicately. All our ingredients are natural but we have made sure that its potency can lighten very dark nipples and make it pinkish.